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PushPush44 was started out of our own frustrations. We've been brand managers for several companies (local and national) and have continually been frustrated by throwing money at print ads, banner ads, search ads, social media ads, and other forms of consumer outreach. Over and over what we found was that our best customers came through personal referrals - people who learned about the company from friends, colleagues and family members. We talked to hundreds of companies, big and small, online and offline, and the feedback was consistent: personal referrals are the holy grail of customer acquisition marketing.

So we thought to ourselves, how can we incentivize our loyal customers to spread the word about our brand, and then track those results? Push44 was born.

Push44 is a simple, systematic way to turn your customers into your marketers by giving them a tangible reason to spread the word about your brand. Through our double-sided incentives, not only do your customers get rewarded for successful referrals, but their friends get a discount by coming through those referrals.

To learn more, feel free to reach out to us at contact@push44.com - we'd love to hear your feedback.